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Who Is Nancy B. ?

Nancy B. is an influencer and a woman of action who teaches women how to move on, boss up & glo- up after setbacks, heartbreaks, and downfalls. 

At 25 she turned her pain into power, and self-published books, online courses & programs, built a profitable online brand and helped thousands of women worldwide to better themselves after a bitter situation. 

Her signature programs, that teaches women how to turn their pain into power and start making profits while focusing on healing, entrepreneurial development and income-generating strategies for financial independence. She also uses her artistic & creative abilities to offer website & graphic design services to those in need of branding & marketing solutions.

Graduating from Florida State University with her bachelor's degree in Family & Child Sciences & a Minor in Business, she strives to, not only work with people but also to make a difference in peoples lives.

She’s a great example that you can pick up the pieces after a setback and achieve your dreams. All you need is to keep your faith in God, heal your heart, create a new vision for your life and execute the goals you set for yourself. Just as long as you are committed, anything is possible.





Florida State University

B. A., Family & Child Science, Minor in Business 2012